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Actor [[Abbey and Kona]]
Ethnicity N/A
Appearance I Am Legend (film)
Status Deceased

Samantha is Neville's German Shepherd, and a survivor of the Krippin Virus. She was infected, forcing Neville to kill her.


On Christmas Eve, when the Krippin Virus broke out in New York, Neville drove Zoe, Marley and Sam, the family's puppy, to an evacuation point.

Before a doomed helicopter carrying Zoe and Marley left, Marley gave Sam to Neville to look after.

After Manhattan was quarantined and destroyed by KV, Sam was raised alone by Neville over the next three years, and became his sole companion.

Sam and Neville's daily routine during these three years included hunting the deer that had migrated into New York, and waiting at midday at the South Street Seaport for any other survivors.

While she and Neville were waiting for survivors at the Seaport one day, Sam spotted a deer, which she chased into a dark, derelict building, where she and Neville were attacked and chased through the building by the Darkseeker colony residing within it.

Neville later set up a snare trap at the back entrance to the building, but not before giving Sam instructions to wait in his SUV for him, as she was still susceptible to infection.


Sam and Neville

The next day, while they were out hunting, Neville and Sam found one of the video store mannequins out in the street of the Grand Terminal Station. Neville was then caught in the same snare trap he used to capture the infected woman, and passed out, while Sam stayed with him all evening.

Neville finally awoke at dusk, when a Darkseeker emerged from the Grand Terminal Station. It released three infected dogs on Sam and Neville, which were held back only by a thinning beam of sunlight. Eventually, the beam thinned enough for the infected dogs to cross and attack. Neville and Sam were able to fend off and eventually kill the dogs, but critically injured Sam by biting her.

Neville rushed a weak Sam back to his home and attempted to save her using Compound 6. Despite Neville's best attempts, Sam eventually succumbed to the virus and tried to maul Neville, forcing him to strangle her to death, only to be left very heartbroken about killing his own loyal companion and best friend.

The next day, Neville buried Sam's body outside the city.

When Neville sacrificed his life to kill the Darkseekers, it's highly likely that he did it for his family, which definitely included Sam is a hero.

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