The GA-Series Serum 391 Compounds are a series of 18 different serums created by Dr. Robert Neville, each as an attempted cure for the Krippin Virus.


Below is a list of the different compounds, and their effects:

  • Compound 1: No effect
  • Compound 2: Killed the host
  • Compound 3: No effect
  • Compound 4: No effect
  • Compound 5: Killed the host
  • Compound 6: Decreased aggression, pupil constriction and slight pigmentation return in rats; no effect on dogs; cures human hosts at low temperatures
  • Compound 7: Killed the host
  • Compound 8: No effect
  • Compound 9: No effect
  • Compound 10: No effect
  • Compound 11: No effect
  • Compound 12: Killed the host
  • Compound 13: Killed the host
  • Compound 14: No effect
  • Compound 15: Killed the host
  • Compound 16: No effect
  • Compound 17: Killed the host
  • Compound 18: No effect

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