Actor Alice Braga
Ethnicity Columbian-Brazilian
Appearance I Am Legend (film)
Status Alive

Anna Montez is a survivor of the Krippin Virus, alongside Ethan.


Little to nothing is known about Anna's life before the outbreak of the Krippin Virus. When KV broke out and spread a cross the world, Anna was evacuated on a Red Cross ship out of São Paulo. When a member of a scavenging party was infected, the ship was slowly wiped out by the virus. The remaining immune docked the ship, and Anna, Ethan, and three other people on board who were unaffected scaped. However, the other three survivors were eventually killed by Darkseekers.

Three years after the KV outbreak, Anna and Ethan, while on their way to Bethel, Vermont in search of a colony of survivors, followed Neville's radio broadcasts, and travelled to the South Street Seaport in Manhattan in time to save Neville from a mob of Darkseekers.

After discovering from a barely conscious Neville where his house was, Anna and Ethan drove with him there and sealed theirselves inside.

When Neville awoke the following morning to a breakfast of bacon Anna had put out for him, he coldly rejected the two at first, stricken with grief over the death of his only friend.

After some time, though, Neville began to warm up to Anna and Ethan. Neville also revealed that he was experimenting on a captured Darkseeker in search of a cure to the virus.


Anna cooking Ethan and Neville breakfast

The following night, Anna revealed that she believed that Neville's creation of a cure to the virus was part of god's plan, and that there was a refugee colony in Bethel was based on pure speculation. As a result, Neville realised that it was still dark when Anna and Ethan arrived at his home with him, allowing the Darkseekers to trace them back to there. The house then came under attack from a mob of Darkseekers, during which Anna and Ethan were trapped in a bedroom by a Darkseeker tearing open the ceiling to allow more of the horde in.

Anna and Ethan were saved by Neville from the Darkseeker, and retreated into a reinforced plexiglass room in the basement with the specimen Darkseeker. There, they noticed that Neville's cure was in fact working and the unconscious Darkseeker was cured.

Anna and Ethan later drove to Bethel, where they discovered that there was a refugee colony. At the colony's gates, Anna and Ethan entered the sanctuary, where Anna handed over the cure.